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...many colorful pastels in a row...Pastelli Collection is inspired by this rainbow of colors

Nina likes to draw a lot and sometimes she puts all the pastels in a row, one next to each other magic...they create beautiful scales of colors, just as the kids know how to make. Nina's rainbows. The Pastelli line is born from the idea of creating different color scales, like pastels placed one next to each other. It declines in four different shades, the colors of Nina's rainbows.For this line we used digital technologies throughout the process, from the design to the printing of fabric. Since recently the use of digital technologies allows designers to be extremely free in the use of colour, nuances and shapes, we used them as design tools, in order to enlarge the possibilities...

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....a gust of wind blow petals from the flowers...Petali Collection is inspired by this magic moment

In our garden on a windy day, a gust of wind blowed petals from the flowers.This rain of colors and transparencies dotted the floor, creating random spots of overlapping colors. The Petali line was inspired from the light and colors of that windy day. The Petali line is also the result of investigations on the analog versus digital process and vice versa. The design process starts from the slow melting of pigments and water and transpones each pictorial gesture in the digital environment in order to investigate random and repeating rules of nature and turn this process back to the analog world, directly on fabric.   Nel nostro giardino in un giorno ventoso, una folata ha staccato i petali dei fiori.Questa...

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