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Pitti Bimbo in Firenze, Italy, January 18th-20th, 2018

Hello!!! we'll wait for you at Pitti Bimbo in Firenze (Italy), January 18th-20th, 2018....we are so happy because we've been selected for The Nest area....a selection of emerging and innovative brands!! Our stand is number U/6 - Padiglione Centrale (lower floor) - The Nest...come come come!! Ciao!!! vi aspettiamo a Pitti Bimbo a Firenze dal 18 al 20 gennaio 2018...siamo felicissimi perchè siamo stati selezionati per l'area The Nest...una selezione di brands emergenti ed innovativi!! Il nostro stand è il numero U/6 - Padiglione Centrale (piano inferiore) - The Nest...accorrete, accorrete, accorrete!!

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DIY origami bipyramid Advent Calendar

Despite the tricky name, this is a super easy way to fold paper and hold small treasures...... just follow these simple steps All you need is: paper scissors ribbon a marker ….. and little treasures to hide inside Cut a strip of paper. The ratio between width and length should be 1 to 5 Fold a small triangle on one end and fold backward. Always change the fold direction Shape the bipyramid by wrapping around the faces and matching the 1, 2, 3 and 4 edges insert the last two triangles into a slit to close it up And there it goes! Now just write a number on it hide a little treasure inside and use the ribbon to hang...

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Playtime Berln, July 5th-6th

Hello everybody, we are attending at Playtime Berlin,July 5th and 6th....we are really excited about this appointment!! Our stand is number would be very nice to meet you there!! Ciao a tutti, partecipiamo a Playtime Berlino il 5 e 6 luglio...siamo contentissimi!! Il nostro stand è il nimero A08...sarebbe molto bello potervi vedere lì!!

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...many colorful pastels in a row...Pastelli Collection is inspired by this rainbow of colors

Nina likes to draw a lot and sometimes she puts all the pastels in a row, one next to each other magic...they create beautiful scales of colors, just as the kids know how to make. Nina's rainbows. The Pastelli line is born from the idea of creating different color scales, like pastels placed one next to each other. It declines in four different shades, the colors of Nina's rainbows.For this line we used digital technologies throughout the process, from the design to the printing of fabric. Since recently the use of digital technologies allows designers to be extremely free in the use of colour, nuances and shapes, we used them as design tools, in order to enlarge the possibilities...

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